IE5.5 vs Other browsers

The table below compares IE5.5 to some other web browser desperately trying to steal the spotlight. Just look at all the greens from IE5.5. How can you NOT use it?

Features IE5.5 IE11 Chrome Firefox
RAM Usage (MB) 24,5 72,1 82,3 273,1
Flash after 2021
Minium OS Win95 Win7 Win7 Win7
No need SSE2
No need SSE
DX Transitions

And lets see this RAM usage with 5 tabs on ReviveIE5.5 Page

RAM usage in Browsers

This really surprised me, Chrome in the latest versions has improved a lot in its handling of RAM, it seems that it wants to steal the idea, even so it still requires Windows 7 or later.

Firefox has become the new RAM eater browser, it uses three times more than Chrome and ten times more than Golden Browser. The funny thing is that in the minimum requirements it asks for 512MB of RAM, it is already consuming half a PC for five tabs of a light page by today's standards.

On the other hand, Golden Browser with 5 tabs in ReviveIE5.5 with the pollyfills that it has, did not even consume 25 MB of RAM, it is very little for a PC today even for those who have 512 MB of RAM, 128 MB of RAM are enough to use this browser in my opinion.