We need to achieve a lightweight and compatible web for everyone

In 2021 the "web developers" program for browsers of no more than 2 years ago, and they are killing more and more those who continue to use Windows XP and/or also those who have an Internet connection through ADSL which mostly They will have 10 Megabits on the bill and 3 arrive with all luck due to the attenuation. I am not saying that they are all like that, I am the exception, for example, not only on the web there are desktop application developers and not to mention mobile ones are like that too (phone manufacturers also kill after 6 months of launch his phone, obviously so you can buy another and throw the current one in the trash and contaminate).

Minium Requeriments Windows version Browser list Internet Connection
Average Developer Windows 7
  • Chrome 49+
  • Firefox 52+
  • Edge 18+
  • IE11 (maybe)
  • Safari 9+
10MB (Real not dimmed from your ISP)
Murder Developer Windows 10 1803+
  • Chrome 80+
  • Firefox 68+
  • Safari 14+
Decent Developer Windows 2000 vanilla or lower
  • IE5.5+
  • (any other browser your want)
256kbps or less (in the best case dial-up)

Table with average size arround the years

Too bad this table is from 2017 but shows from 1990 (the beginning of the WWW), since most shows from 2010 onwards.

In this table we can see how the web became heavier in recent years.

Between 1990-1993 (primitive): The web was practically weightless since the pages were pure html text.

Between 1993-1999 (early): The web barely grew now with Small Images and 56K dial-up connections.

Between 1999-2003 (preweb 2.0): The web was already a little heavier, broadband was born (256kbps), flash was in its infancy and the web was already becoming more dynamic.

Between 2003-2010 (web 2.0): The weight of the web grew by leaps and bounds from having less than 100Kb per page now there are almost 700KB, this was the golden age of flash and monotonous pages with only php dominated the internet.

Between 2010-2013 (mobile revolution and HTML5): Steve Jobs presented the iPhone in 2007 and in 2008 the W3C presented HTML5, beginning the death of flash.

Starting in 2013 the web became bloated and slow :(

What is our mission?