Who has signed the petition?

Currently 16 people have signed the petition to revive IE5.5.


It was the first browser that I used in Windows 98, although the pc had 128mb of ram it worked very well.

Davi Pietro

because it is an extremely versatile browser, and can be used on older systems


my personal belief is that everyone should have access to information and this piece of software does that for people from poor countrys and backgrounds to get rid of it would not just be a shame to the people who made it would also be a shame those people please keep it up

Meintje Adena

It does not suck as many say

Obadiah Gunnhild

I never use IE5.5, the first one that uses was IE6 and I liked it a lot :)

Vasiliki Tsagada

Becuase IE5.5 works with Windows 95 and the stupit and faty Chrome not!

Pina Yaravam

Internet Explorer 5.x was the first with AJAX. The obsolecense lovers hate it because have 20 years old.


Not supports SVG but haves VML, and the loved scrollbar color ♥

Xiu Chibuzo

greetings from china

Mensur Magni

ie5 killed netscape 4